the Botìa


We don't care whether it's a perfume, a lipstick or a nail polish. We only care that what you choose makes you feel good.

Profumi Chanel Smalti Chanel Profumi Serge Lutens Prodotti Acca Kappa

duty free

Not sure what to give your friends when you get home? Let our experts advise you on one of the more than 300 bottles. You will make a great impression!

Miele Thun Alcolici The Dammann Generi alimentari


We spent years and years looking for that bottle you wanted to taste for a lifetime. Now enjoy it for us too.

Laphroaig Ardbeg Bowmore Caroni Macallan


“Those of Top Gun”, “a la John Lennon”, “like those of the Blues Brothers”. Fashions change, but we will always be here to help you find your favorite eyewear.

Occhiali da sole


Shirts never goes out of fashion and everyone would use it if you didn't have to iron it. Fortunately, non-iron shirts exist! Come and discover them!