Botia Cantoni Livigno
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Way back in 1923, Bernardo Cantoni and Emilia Bormolini opened a grocery shop that sold flour and bran and had an oven for making bread.

Deliveries were made normally during the summer but in winter were done with the first snowmobile, invented and built by the enterprising Mr. Cantoni himself, in 1941. You can see a drawing of the snowmobile on the wall of today’s shop.

In 1960, after years of hard work, the business was handed down to the daughters, Armida and Rosanna; as the years went by, a number of changes were made to suit the new demands of the market.
Bread-making was discontinued and the first renovation started; during the seventies and eighties the premises were enlarged aand renovated again and a perfumes and cosmetics department added on the first floor.

The last renovation was done in 1999 and the result is elegant premises where discerning choices of decorative material strike the right balance between décor and the display of goods on sale.

And so the renovated shop was a great success, thanks to the traditional enterprise handed down in the family and continued with charm and friendliness by Armida and Rosanna, who worked hard for many years.

In 2003, this tradition was renewed again and is now being carried on by the grandchildren, Mirco and Nicoletta.

Botia Cantoni: a tradition that has kept renewing itself since 1923.

See how the first snowmobile was invented.

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Mirco e Nicoletta al lavoro
Mirco e Nicoletta at work

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